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Pursuit of Your Best Self Tip #5

Pursuit of Your Best Self Tip #5

February 02, 2024

Our fifth tip is for our married readers! While you pursue your best self, make sure to stay involved with your marital finances – even if one person in the relationship is more financially knowledgeable than the other. At a minimum, know what you have in the bank. Knowledge is power, and it plays an important role in knowing who you are and where you are going.

Tip #5 Know What You Have Financially

I cannot stress this enough. Even if you are in the happiest, healthiest utopia of a marriage, please, please, please be involved with, or at a minimum, know what you have financially as a couple. It amazes – and saddens – me that there are so many women out there who neither have a clue about their marital finances nor care to know. Like I mentioned earlier, even if you are in the best marriage, you just never know what life has in store for you. One day, you might wake up and find yourself in unforeseen circumstances either through the sudden death of your husband or a divorce.

Of course, not everyone works the same – some people are right-brain thinkers and others left. It helps make the world go round that people think and approach life differently. For people who are not normally in their element around math and finances, this can be a huge step out of your comfort zone.

If you find yourself having difficulty approaching your marital finances, then my best advice is to find yourself a financial planner whom you can trust. One that will educate you and your spouse, not mishandle your finances. Someone that will keep you both in the loop as to what you have, what is being done with it, and why. In fact, I think I know that perfect person…me!

Pursuing Your Best Self

In my book, Unforeseen Exit: When You Find Yourself Facing Divorce & Suddenly Single, I tell my story of navigating an unforeseen divorce. By openly telling my story, I want to provide guidance and support to those who have found themselves in similar circumstances, so they can pursue their best self personally and financially!

For more information on how I can support you as your financial plannerschedule a discovery meeting with me today!