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Pursuit of Your Best Self Tip #6

Pursuit of Your Best Self Tip #6

February 23, 2024

Our sixth tip is a delicate but important matter. When you are sure about getting a divorce, it can be a good idea to freeze any joint accounts you fear your spouse will try to tamper with.

Tip #6 Freezing Joint Accounts

There may be a phase in your divorce where you haven’t really made the decision yet to go through with it, and you end up in sort of a limbo. This tip may not be for those situations, and I would only suggest this tip when you are ready to move forward with the divorce. Just keep in mind that if you freeze joint accounts, then they would be frozen for both of you. No movement in or out.

I personally did not have to do this with my divorce because it was amicable, and he was more than willing to work with me when it came to financial matters. I would be an advocate of freezing joint accounts if you suspect that your spouse will try to deplete what you have in them. We don’t want to believe that the person we loved so dearly at one point would do that, but it can happen.

From my experience walking with clients and friends through the unpleasantness and sometimes awfulness of divorce, people scorned will do things you may never have imagined. This is why I follow a motto from The Ascent: Getting Divorced? Here’s What Happens to Your Joint Accounts: “Hope and pray for the best and prepare for the worst.”

Pursuing Your Best Self

In my book, Unforeseen Exit: When You Find Yourself Facing Divorce & Suddenly Single, I tell my story of navigating an unforeseen divorce. By openly telling my story, I want to provide guidance and support to those who have found themselves in similar circumstances, so they can pursue their best self personally and financially!

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