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Veteran Advisors Denise Sowell and Keli Hazel Join Capitol Financial Solutions

Veteran Advisors Denise Sowell and Keli Hazel Join Capitol Financial Solutions

December 02, 2022

Raleigh, N.C.- based Super-OSJ Brings Aboard Newly Formed Advisor Team with 35+ Years of Experience
Veteran Advisors Denise Sowell and Keli Hazel Join Capitol Financial Solutions

Capitol Financial Solutions, a Super-OSJ affiliated with Royal Alliance Associates with over $2.0 billion in total client assets, today announced the successful recruitment of Denise Sowell and Keli Hazel, based in McDonough, Georgia.

Denise Sowell, previously of Cap1tol Street Financial Services, and Keli Hazel, previously of Keli Hazel & Associates, have entered into a new partnership. These two female advisors based in McDonough, Georgia come together with a similar mission of commitment, values, and faith to provide quality guidance for their clients. In addition to their partnership, they have joined Capitol Financial Solutions due to the firm’s client-focused philosophy and internal advisor support.

“We are thrilled to be adding Denise Sowell and Keli Hazel to the Capitol Financial Solutions team,” said Robert Turner, President and CEO of Capitol Financial. “From the initial discussions with Denise and Keli, we could clearly see that they were financial professionals of uncommon ability, with a loyal client base to whom they are wholly committed. We are in lockstep with them in the way we view our client relationships and feel that we can enhance their ability to serve their clients. At the same time, we at Capitol Financial are enriched by adding advisors with the level of experience that Denise and Keli bring.”

Denise Sowell and Keli Hazel’s decision to affiliate with Capitol Financial Solutions was driven by Capitol Financial’s focus on providing the best possible service experience for its clients. Capitol Financial Solutions’ industry-leading software, powerful marketing and practice management support, and strong culture, along with their substantial scale and resources, are expected to position the Georgia office to reach the next stage in its growth, while delivering even more efficient service.

Keli Hazel said, “I am excited to be partnering with a like-minded financial planner. With our combined experience and having the Capitol Financial Solutions team behind us, we can focus on providing exceptional service to our clients. This truly is a blessing.”

“The partnership that Keli Hazel and I are forging will enable us both to provide our clients with clarity and guidance in the ever-changing financial world,” said Denise Sowell. “At the same time, Keli and I decided to join Capitol Financial Solutions to provide the best possible service experience for our clients. It was the company culture that drew us specifically to Capitol Financial. Robert Turner, President and CEO, and his team focus on a client-first experience. Capitol Financial also has offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. And we are proud to say, now Georgia.”